About Free Slot Apps

Free Slot Apps and How We Review

Thanks for checking us out! We are a new site in a rather competitive informational avenue where we give our readers a look at some of the top free slot apps available for Apple phones and Android phones.  The games that we write about are free but many of them do have some additional features that can be purchased.  While it doesn’t take away from the basic game functionality; these additional features can improve the experience.

Several developers of free slot apps have found that this is a somewhat embraced method of generating revenue for their app.  However, the general consensus is that free should be free.  It’s unfortunate, but the trade off in making an app completely free is the use of in-game advertising.  Developers and app users alike often find this kind of advertising as a distraction and in some cases it really interferes with the gameplay of an app.

What we try to do is let our readers know if the app we are reviewing has either of these advertising avenues.  All we can say is that if you enjoy the game, and if that game has an option to pay to turn off ads, it is something to consider to continue enjoying the game as it was originally intended.  It also helps developers to fund new game development.