Casino Frenzy from the iTunes App Store

Casino FrenzyWant to put casino slots in the palm of your hands? Now you can with the all new application Casino Frenzy from iTunes. Casino Frenzy is an all new casino experience that lets you take in the rush of slot machines, the intensity of high stakes poker, and the thrill of bonus games and free rewards. Not only is the casino brought to you, but the slots are modeled after real Las Vegas playing machines. Now let’s look a little closer at what a visit to Casino Frenzy could bring you.

Variety of Machines and Gameplay

Casino Frenzy brings you vibrantly colored machines and gameplay features that remain visually appealing while boosting your excitement with each pull of the reel. Machines like Great Slots of Fire, Slots of Fruit, and Catalot make for an enjoyable experience you won’t find anywhere else. Indulge in the video poker section and work your way to a winning hand. With the multitude of different options to play with; you can’t go wrong with a visit to this casino.

Gameplay is a rather simple set-up for this app. You start your account with 50,000 credits and a maximum bet of 1,000 credits on the first machine. Advancing levels and gaining achievements occurs rather quickly and you’ll never be stuck on one level for too long of a period. You can play against other competitors as well as you work your way to the top of the daily leaderboard. Invite you friends or play with a single account; there is plenty of fun to go around.

Bonuses, Prizes and Collectibles

Each machine offers its own individual bonus game, bonus feature, or free spins award system. Specific slots will feature a progressive jackpot or a frenzy option that allows for experience points collected from everyone playing to earn you free spins. Earn enough experience throughout the day to take your try at the prize machine feature which awards credits, experience points, and other goodies. Each day there is a daily challenge to complete. Once you complete the daily challenge you can activate the 60 second spin challenge. The 60 second spin challenge gives you one whole minute to play a slot without having to forfeit any credits. Earn enough experience points to build a collectible trophy set. Items in the collectibles range from prize fighter items to high roller items. You also receive a daily bonus just for logging in each day.


Since this app is available through iTunes, a device that supports iTunes usage will be required upon download. Download is free of charge and you can make in-app purchases if you wish. In-app purchases, compared to other similar products, are relatively cheap and can give you a mass of credits for a small monetary fee. It takes a while to burn through your initial credits, not to mention daily bonus credits, so purchasing credits with the app in not a necessity.

So get started building a frenzy of your own today with Casino Frenzy.

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