Casino Spin – Wheels Slots App Review

Casino Spin - Wheels SlotSpin to win! That is one phrase that will keep you in your seat, playing on your phone all night. Some people will come home and spend their evening watching television, sitting there mindlessly until the next day arrives. However, if you want to be interactive and use your mind, you should check out the Casino Spin – Wheels Slots app. It simulates the experience that people have when they go to the casino. If you cannot get enough of the slots, you no longer have to leave your home to play a few games. Just sit back and enjoy the games with the Casino Slots app! It has several features.

Compete Against Facebook Friends
Competition is the lifeblood of sports. People want to prove their intellectual and strategic prowess by defeating their friends. They want to be known as experts in this area. The Casino Spin app offers that. It allows users to compete with their friends. Now you do not have to go out to have a night with your friends. You can connect on the app. Many people who have been very skilled in slots have not been able to demonstrate their skill in competition. But Casino Slots brings that unique capability.

Skill, Not Luck
Traditionally, people who went to the wheel slots would have to rely entirely on luck. So the concept of competition might seem a little strange for this type of game. How can one compete if the entire game is based on luck? Well, there are variables within Casino Slot that you can control. As you interact more with the game, you will learn how to win. Unlike other wheel slot games, you can control the speed of the wheel by swiping your finger over it.

8 Different Worlds
Wheel board games might become a little boring sometimes. You are always playing in the same world, on the same platform and nothing really changes. You are essentially doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results. But the Casino Spin app comes with 8 different worlds. As you learn about the game, you will be able to rotate through these worlds. If you are bored with one world, then you can move on to the next. Perhaps there will be one world in which you are able to flourish and win big! Determine which one is right for you or enjoy all of them.

Hourly Bonus
If you stay in the game for at least an hour, you will earn a bonus. This will constantly have you thinking about staying a little longer so that you can earn your next bonus. People who spend a lot of time in the Casino Spin app will not only win big. They will have earn a lot more based on the time that they have spent playing. It is almost as though you were earning an hourly wage for playing a game that you enjoy.

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