Casino X – Casino App Review

Casino XWelcome to Casino X, a mobile casino packed with authentic Vegas style casino games, plenty of Las Vegas social interaction, and tons of bonuses for loyal players of the game. Thanks to the huge number of features and bonuses, there are more than enough loyal players to keep Casino X a busy place. You’ll be busy, too, when you get a peek at some of the unique features of this iTunes mobile casino.

Highlights and Features

– Free chips for you: Everybody who plays any mobile casino loves the free chips and Casino X doesn’t spare any expense on this. You’ll get tons of free chips to play games like Blackjack and Texas Hold’em.

– Terrific Graphics: People forget that if you’re playing even a mobile casino, you need to get the feeling that you’re in a real casino. You can’t do this without terrific graphics. Thankfully, Casino X has you covered here.

– Talk it up with friends: You can talk to your friends in real-time at all public tables. It’s just like a day out at a the casino with your friends whenever you log onto this app.

– Always free: Don’t worry about ever having to pay for any of the features you get with Casino X. The owners have already made a promise that as long as this game is around, it will be free for its players.

– Poker players love it: Players at the casino have already mentioned that Casino X offers one of the best poker clients around. They do a lot to keep it that way. Expect updates when you need them and some surprises around every corner to keep all poker competitions fresh and wonderful.

With Casino X, it all starts with tons of free chips for their users, great graphics to keep things interesting, and a huge number of different casino games for you to play among friends. The chat client might perhaps be one of the best features here because if you can chat with friends in real time while you play, the fun is upped all that much more. Playing Casino X is a lot of fun for engaging with new players too. Don’t just keep the friends you have but make new ones as you travel through their huge menu of games and have a great time playing on one of the best mobile casinos on the planet.

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