Huuuge Casino – Slots, Poker, and Black Jack All in One!


The app name says it all! Huuuge Casino is an all in one package of all of the best and most entertaining gambling games one would expect to see at a real life casino. By having slot games, poker, and black jack all packaged within one app, the creators of Huuuge Casino have made this the one app stop for all gambling games.

When a user first opens the app, they are told to pick a personal name (and connect to Facebook if they wish to play with friends, earning a nice amount of extra tokens, the in-game currency, for doing so). After, beginning to play, users are brought through an introductory tutorial showing them the ropes of the most fundamental and basic component of the app: the slot game. The user is taught the basics of betting within the game and how to progress through the ladder of game-play.

After the introduction, the user is brought to the main screen of the app. The home-screen acts as the hub between all the different possible sub-games that can be played by the user, which promises even more game-play than initially advertised! The player can choose between slots, Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, a roulette game, and an internal lottery system. All of these different games are played by following the various rules and betting the in-game currency that is acquired by active participation in the app and the players own shrewd dealings.

A very attractive feature of this app, aside from the games themselves, is the internal tracking of a user’s progress, which is monitored in a variety of ways. First, a user’s profile contains statistics on the games that they have played, offering an interesting quality that allows users to monitor their activities. However, far more eye-grabbing, is the level system that the game provides. By participating in any and all of the different games offered within the app, the player can level up, achieving higher and higher ranks that lead to more and more rewards. A notable award that can be gained by leveling up is gaining a new title attributed to your character and profile. In addition, users are offered tasks to complete, such as playing a certain amount of games of a single type.

Finally, another feature within the app is the introduction of a leader board that follows the progress of each player within the game. This allows users to pit themselves against each other in hopes of being the highest rated player on the score board at any given time. This serves to add an enjoyable experience and reward to the competitive gambling games.

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